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You missed it! We vibed, ate and made good art!

Our Girls Night, Creation Party was pretty dope! The ladies in attendance hadn't crafted in years and I was excited to see what they would come up with.

Our Creation Party was intended for designing high frequency jewelry. Meaning, creating small reminders of our abundance, divinity, power, resources, etc. Seeing it, living it, manifesting it and affirming it!

Not only did we create bracelets and necklaces that spoke to our world, but we exchanged positive energy. We weren't caddy or judgmental. We allowed each other the space to just exist, and create! Sort of like tapping into our "little girl" and running wild in our imagination!

My daughter Kennedy attended the party with us. She was so excited to craft. She enjoys making things and being involved in activities at the salon, And I don't mind it sometimes. It allows her to see how grown woman interact in higher timelines.

I poured some sparkling punch in her wine glass and prepared her cauliflower wings and fruit 'n' salad, she felt just like one of the girls!

Jewelry crafting party at Creative Culture Nails and Makeup salon.
Kennedy enjoying a red velvet cupcake while making her statement pieces.

Doing monthly events like this one means so much to me and the salon as a whole. I wanted this place to not only be a "nail or makeup salon" but a "vibe". A place that you can chill, talk & take part in a community of healthy, self loving, humanity serving people!

Girls Night isn't just about wine! Although it wouldn't be the same without it, lol! We don't gossip, we don't have men-bashing convo's, we don't feel sorry for ourselves and trauma bond! We laugh, we love, we build relationship!

Jewelry crafting party at Creative Culture Nails and Makeup Salon.
Kennedy showing off her new necklace and bracelet. You should have heard her meaning behind this set she made! OMG it just melted our hearts...

And on this specific night, we created! After we were finished, we went around the room and allowed each other to speak on their new pieces. Rather it was mantras, words of affirmation or in honor of a person, event or memory, it was super dope to hear what was the inspiration behind one another's jewelry.

Here is a bracelet I made later on that night. I was too busy hosting and helping Kennedy with her stuff that I didn't make one while at the party. But I chose the color blue because it stands for water and I'm all about being in the "flow" of things. Or working to be better "aligned" with my highest self.

I used the letters to spell out "DIVINE" because that's what I am. A divine being! And in numerology the number 22 is a master number. Being that I'm working on self mastery, it was appropriate for this piece. I added a diamond charm for the "light" that shines bright within me and the multi colored Hexagon shape as a representation of my "foundation". The fact that I know I'm a sovereign spiritual being is the foundation I build on and off of!

Lol, sorry so long, but this bracelet means a lot! And its a super powerful reminder to me daily!

In all, we at Creative Culture are very grateful for the community of supporters we've generated in our 6 1/2 months of being in business! Without our customers, clients and friends, none of this would be as successful or prosperous as it is. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being apart of our culture!

Don't miss out on our next "Girls Night" event! Make sure your subscribed to our site for email updates and that you download the "Spaces by Wix" app so you can stay in touch with us on the go. As well as book appointments, shop our organic skincare products and be the first to know about special beauty promotions!

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