What happened to the passion within our beauty culture?

MONEY! That's what happened. So many beauty professionals have become obsessed with quantity that the quality of service provided is janky!

Many hair stylists are no longer shampooing, as they demand you come already shampooed. Makeup artists are no longer worried about the health of your skin, just the covering up your imperfections. Barbers are no longer taking their time to design but just cut you down. Nail technicians are no longer caring about your natural nails, just artificially elongating them to "look pretty". Lash technicians aren't concerned with the care of your natural eyelashes, just making them fluffy..

I can go on and on... But what happened to the passion? What happened to truly servicing the people because your driven too? What happened to focusing on becoming better in your field and changing the world with your talents?

We are the creative individuals who put smiles on people faces... Not dents in their wallets. I've seen so many aspiring beauty professional enter into this industry for the sake of money and not for the fire that fuels their souls...

Everybody wants to be "the boss" without servitude. Everybody wants the title, but not the responsibility and challenges of growth.

And on the flip side, what happen to grace and understanding that we as beauty professionals are human just like our guests, clients and customers! We fuck up too! We're not perfectionist. We are, each day, propelling ourselves forward with much practice of becoming better, greater, almost perfect!

We try new products, we try new techniques, we make suggestions based on our understanding of what will or what won't work. But that doesn't mean we don't get it wrong sometimes.

Art is being made every time we sit with you, and although you want it to not chip, fade, break, and last for a lifetime, sometimes it doesn't... And for us black creatives, and black customers, we get it the hardest...

But that's another subject, for another day...

I just want us to work on being more UNDERSTANDING, having GRACE and allowing each other to RIGHT our WRONGS and GROW!

I would like for us as beauty professionals to keep in mind it's passion over payment. If your focused on quality, the money will come... The clients will build, your business will expand. True organic growth comes from just being yourself, staying focused and willing to learn and serve... The income will come honey!

Stay passionate! Stay dope! And to all who support us here at Creative Culture, stay down! We thank you!

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