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We acted bad at the Cincinnati "Bad Girls Brunch" Event!

Updated: Jul 25

This past weekend the Cincinnati festivities was in full effect. Networking, Mimosas and Shopping local businesses was all on the minds of the Baddies who attended the BGB!

Natasha Andrews, Creative Culture Cincy CEO.
Left: Amani, Owner of "Amani-Vines Wine" and Right: Natasha, Owner of Creative Culture Nails & Makeup LLC. at the "Bad Girls Brunch" Annual Event held at "The Spot on W Fifth Str." located in Downtown Cincinnati.

I always sign up for "BGB". As these type of "girls' day" & networking events is right up my alley. They promote positivity, connectedness, selflessness & dope-ness all in one.

The event actually took place on my mom's birthday. And so, to make sure I didn't miss out on her special day or miss out on the opportunity to link with some amazing ladies, I invited my mother & my best friend to purchase a ticket and come brunch with the girlies'!

As soon as 2pm entry time hit, the baddies started rolling in! I knew a few faces from previously attending the bad girl brunch events, but I noticed some new faces as well. However, I spotted lovely & talented, Shamonica Olivia, along with De'Asa Taylor. Model and Realtor; both from my hometown of Cincinnati.

My table was decadent with my own plant-base skincare products and beauty salon info. I also decided to showcase my best friend's art prints, and another brand's matte lipsticks titled "Love the Beaut". Both of these women are from Cincy as well and have been partnering with me for over a year now.

Creative Culture Nails & Makeup at the Bad Girls Brunch.
One of many BGB attendee who subscribed to my website to stay in the loop with all things Creative Culture Cincy!

I met some really cool ladies from every walk of life, color, and social group. I appreciate those who decided to make a purchase and/or subscribe to my website to stay tapped into Creative Culture Cincy! Women Supporting Women in business is so the move! We need community, support and love...

In all, the BGB will always be one I attend to act bad at! It's a room of women who inspire me and vice versa. It's literally a space where you feel so comfortable being yourself in. No judgement, no ill energy, just pure love and high vibes. It's a networker's dream, and I'm happy to be a part of the OG Baddie crew.

I'm thankful my mother decided to attend, and was excited to have my best friend along side of me. This weekend was truly a gift.

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