Springing into the next chapter of Creative Culture!

Peace family! We've now entered into a season of new energy, new relationships and new opportunities. We've seen quite a few new supporters over the past couple of weeks and the love that's been poured into our establishment is truly appreciated.

The salon also gained a new professional member, Chardai. She's a great addition to our salon family and her expertise is in acrylic nails, and pedicures. Please be sure to extend your loving support by booking her for a beauty service. You can also find her on IG @dai_nailedit.

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Our new licensed nail technician, Dai!

Also, our plant-based products have been selling like crazy! We are so really grateful because skincare is so important and we're happy you guys are loving the butters, scrubs and cuticle oils! Our products are curated with earth's ingredients, love and professional care. Ensuring healthy preservation, healing and helping of various skin types.

Creative Culture Blog.
Our line of products, minus the two-colored natural lip glosses. We decided to only promote the clear gloss at this time.

Earlier this month, Natasha actually attended an event called "Bad Girls Brunch" on behalf of the salon, down at the DRIP Coffee Lounge which was so darn fun! She had the chance to promote our salon, get acquainted with other business brands and entrepreneurs, while selling our organic skin items!

I love how pretty the event space was. And to find out the coffee lounge is Pan-African was a major plus!

Natasha had the Ohio Honey & Vanilla Coffee, with Potatoes, followed by yummy mimosas.

A couple beauties who supported us by purchasing a few skincare products! Networking with other boss babes and making money never felt so good!

Creative Culture is definitely on a mission to transform the way you look at black nail techs, black owned salons and black women entrepreneurs! The way we are planning to become a household name in our city and many others is empowering and motivation to say the least.

And our setup area at the "Bad Girls Brunch" was too freaking cute too!

But stay tuned and continue loving us while we grow into our own! More events to be a part of, more hands and faces to beautify and more supporters to support us through it all!

Make sure you are subscribed to our website to stay up to date on new things happening. We'll be planning a mixer soon to celebrate our 1 year in business.

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