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Our Vision Board, Girls Night!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Our Vision Board Girls Night was soooo freaking bomb! This social event was actually planned for just us ladies here at Creative Culture salon.

But you know us, everything needs to be a party!

We invited a few friends of ours & all the nail techs pitched in for food items and supplies. We had the music playing, a lil' wine pouring, then we dug right on in. Opening every magazine, looking for relatable media that speaks to, and for our present, and future selves.

Creative Culture Cincy Girls Night Vision Board Party
The girls at Creative Culture minus one. Deann was present but I think she left before we took the picture.

The girl's night gathering was our first of many. Those of us who work at the salon agreed that we need to do things with each other. This is how you can grow more as a team and as a family. Creative Culture is all about mixing and matching culturally and socially to create a dynamic community of support. It's also just a cool place to hang out.

The "Vision Board" party was a representation of that.

Starting off the activity with Sandra asking "what is a vision board to you?" was perfect timing. It allowed us to put our vision into perspective and think about what we wanted our boards to look like.

Creative Culture Cincy Vision Board Night
Natasha, the owner of Creative Culture explaining her vision board to the other women.

Can you guys believe we were 3 hours into this party? Lol! We were focused ok! But as the night went on, we eventually began to suffer from short attention spam syndrome. So, we then decided to go around the room and have each person explain their present and future goals. It was so nice to hear women from different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, speak on just wanting better for themselves and their families. To hear and somewhat see their affirmations and higher intensions. This was dope!

Creative Culture Cincy Girls Night Vision Board Party.
A display of all of our vision boards... May we manifest truly what our hearts desire.

I'm happy that we decided to do this monthly experience together as a salon. Each time we'll have different party/social themes. The next Girl's Night is Saturday, December 11, 2021. And it's a "Creation Party" where we make frequency jewelry! Which is just bracelets or necklaces that inspire us using positive words and colors! This event will also have food, drinks and materials provided. You can RSVP here >>

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