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Flying to Las Vegas!

This was just what I needed, & bae knew it!

I know, I know I chose this life. This life of motherhood, entrepreneurship & a 7 day a week grind. I mean if you include all the back-end stuff you don't see, I'm working way more than the average person.

So yeah, it was nice to get "flewed out", loved on & fed. To be put in a position to enjoy the lux life & not have to cook, clean & cater to children or service clients, post content & send emails.

To get away from the "hustle & bustle" of modern womanhood or whatever...

My baby flew me to get away, to indulge in the "soft-girl" life I so desperately seek through my own efforts. I mean he made it happen in the blink of an eye, lol! I'm super grateful for this man for sure.

Y'all, Vegas was exhilarating! Things to do daily, great food to try, drinks to sip, skylines to see, money to blow. I mean, I felt like a mob wife lol!

This trip definitely helped me to reset. To rethink certain ideologies, to reposition myself in life, & the things I thought I wanted versus what I really want.

To realign with my feminine nature, and reconsider how I wish to move forward.

It was more than just a "trip to Vegas". It was a BaeCation sure enough, but more so, a complete & utter "stop & pause" for me. A silence of the world I know so well, for a world I hardly get to visit.

That "soft life, that soak this all up life, that be present life, that supportive, loving, in love life".

I was actually able to rest, think, enjoy & breathe!

And with that, I was afforded a moment to reflect on my position as a woman, as a mother and as a business owner. I mean I was breaking every aspect of my life down, & fortunately I came back with new meaning. New energy, new ideas on how I wish to move forward, show up & be positioned.

In the physical & in the spiritual.

This trip was more than just an absence of the life I created, it was life changing for me in many forms.

I'm in love, which that vibration feeds me. That energy is something I need, & yearn for. Especially being someone who extends loving energy through my professional practice.

Quality Customer service skills is key in this industry. It's a constant exchange of energy, & being sustained with pure love, support, & knowing you have someone in your corner who is also a successful business person is fueling.

I came back ready to conquer all obstacles lol!

And the reason I share this personal experience with you, is because you need to know how I prepare to show up in my business; as the owner and as the professional you encounter in your services.

You need to know that in order to provide you with 5 Star experiences I need down time. I need introspection, I need intimate moments, I need spiritual awakenings, & I need love! I pour love into my business. I need love to sustain it.

Thank you for taking the time to read & share in my personal content. And thank you for subscribing, booking, shopping online, speaking highly of me & Creative Culture Salon, and just positively vibing in alignment with my vision!

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