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Becoming Your Wildest Dreams!

Becoming Your Wildest Dreams blog picture.
A reminder to us all that when we allow, we attract to us so much more!

Sounds like a fairyale, doesn't it? Well, you and I are fairytales. We are becoming our wildest dreams. Take a look around you. The business you started, the brand your imprinting, the energy you carry and the high frequencies you emit, honey WE DOING THIS!

Even with the upcoming school year for those of you who have children like me, we are shifting around schedules to make things work for the greater good of US, and our families. I know personally for me; I'll be assisting my children with online schooling beginning September 5th. And that is a whole beast on its own lol!

I just relocated as well into a smaller workspace to continue with my business while I also serve my children and become more hands on with their learning. I've done online school with all 3 of my children before. My oldest has already graduated. Just have to keep the last two on track to the finish line.

Becoming Your Wildest Dreams blog pic.
How does the Universe show you that your loved? These are some flowers that my neighbor left at my doorstep.

But the point is, it's happening! My wildest dreams are coming true! I am working from a space of abundance verses lack. I am boosting my skincare product sales and will soon be boosting those sales more through my ecommerce channel, (my mini shop here on my website). I am being presented with an opportunity from the universe to live in divine flow and not anxiety, pressure or stress.

Yeah, my private suite location is way smaller than the old salon location, BUT I can focus on creating verses "working". You know the state of working to just pay bills. I get to dive back into my creation mode and fall in love with cosmetology, and everything in this beauty industry rather than be worried about an extra $2,000 a month to keep my salon up and running. I get to go LIVE from my very own platform and discuss topics and play my music without censorship or algorithms. I get to host virtual classes educating people on nails, makeup and entrepreneurship etc. I get to really bring my vision to life for the world to see!

I am able to tune into YOU GUYS more during beauty services. Really lock in with my customer service skills and deliver an experience with quality craftsmanship. You all are the core of my business. The 20% that impacts 80% of my brand! I get to get back to the WHY, and I could not be more grateful. Now all I need is my Husband and honey I will be COMPLETE lol! But I am getting back into my health/fitness journey, my self-care is improving again, my spiritual journey has become forefront again. I mean even my children get to have their mom home, happy and healthy minded again! THIS IS THE LIFE I'VE YEARNED FOR GUYS!

And guess what, it's not all glitz and glammer. It's not all coffee, wine and delicious tasting salmon. But it's my chance to build a beautiful, secure foundation for growth. It's the opportune time to "flow" with and not against...

A picture I chose for my Becoming Your Wildest Dream blog.
Being intensional on not comparing my journey to others. My life is mine to enhance, change and affirm...

So yessssssss! Let's continue to be our wildest dreams. Take a moment to look around at the life you've created. Make the proper adjustments when needed while also being thankful for your power of co-creating. We have the power and ability to truly manifest EXACTLY what we want. Now it may not look identical to what you've created in your mind but give God props for what is and what's becoming.

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