Who We Are

Nestled in the westside of Cincy, we at Creative Culture Nails & Makeup LLC. love highlighting black & brown nail techs and makeup artists from all over! We bring you, under one roof, some of the most talented, self motivated group of licensed cosmetologists there is!

We are working diligently to break down barriers, and stereotypes within the nail sector in hopes to win continued support of our own as well as others! 

For so long, we've been overlooked, under paid and misrepresented in this section of the beauty industry! Women of Color can do nails, women of color can work together, and women of color can build legacy!

*We are an EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) and love hiring beauty professionals from all walks of life; regardless of race, ethnicity or cultural background. See the "Careers" page to apply if your a Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Nail Technician or Makeup Artist.*

Nails with Friends